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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am trying to convince myself that I am not a bridezilla. But I think I am. Well, becoming one at least. Slowly. I have been trying to settle things as much as I can, not wanting to do last minute things. I'm sure that will not be the case. Adlan has been listening to me nagging ( i think he listens to it. or maybe he acts like he cares but his mind is elsewhere). Oh well.

Anyways, engagement pics are up!

Oh great. Pictures are a bit blurry cause I saved it from Facebook. 
Please visit Nadia Zahari Photography for a clearer view ;)

P/S: I hope I dont look too fat :S

Till then. 

Love is just, Love :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Losing the extra baggage

Gaining it was easy! But losing it. Holy moley guacamole!

Freaking hard. I am on a strict diet with the exception of weekends :)

I hope i'll be able to lose in on time - 28 September 2012. I MUST LOOK GOOD IN PICTURES.


So, heres to losing the fat! Cheers ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Girls Night :)

I believe, pictures can do more than just talking.

Another bachelorette Sheera, was not around. But she joined us later that night. Wish i could upload her picture but i have none. Ill scout for it :) 

The thing that I look forward to is the secret santa exchange gift routine - that we always do every year, not every year, coz i think we skippd it in 2010. It all started during our last year in law school. We would book a hotel room or suite and spend a night there, just talking and catching up, gossipping (normal girls do :p). And we would exchange gifts. Each of us, theres 11 girls - would write our names on a piece of paper, and would pick names. None of us will know who our secret santa is! We will only know one name - the girl that we have to buy the gift(s) for!

Its super exciting. This year, I got Borgy - Nurul Hidayah.

Borgy and I

And this is what I got her

I went here and there, everywhere. Im a fickle minded person. So you can guess how hard it is to find the perfect gift. And im also super picky. My fiance was uber glad at the spur moment when I decided that this is the one :p

Till then.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On Saturday | 10 March 2012 was my E-Day.

So happy. Thanks to those who came. Really appreciate it.

Ill write more about it when I have the pictures with me. For now, heres a sneak preview:

me with Adlan Hadi (the fiancé)

And another picture

I think I put on weight a bit too much, but heck. I am a happy girl :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Constant Blogger?

hello. i wish i can be a constant blogger. but im not. y? coz im such a lazy person. but i think i need to. i have to. just for the sake of jotting down on how i feel. or what i did. or better yet, what happened.

So, my e-day is approaching. The big day is in September, InsyaAllah. Most of my friends have asked me, whether Im nervous or not. To tell you the truth. I am so notttt. Happy actually. Cant wait to wear my ring! :p
Even tho I am so fat, people can actually mistaken me as a dinosaur, but its alright. happiness is KEY!

But I might get nervous - on my big day. So many things to do, so many stuff to plan. Being a bridezilla is of course, in the list.

Hence, here I am, trying to blog constantly, or as frequent as I could. Jotting down my memories and thoughts. Saying things I shouldnt be saying in real life, but opting to write it here instead.

Sooo. Heres to blogging frequently/constantly! I shall update on my e-day and might upload pictures while Im at it. Wish me luck! (hope this is not just another resolutions, and one week later ill forget everything about it!)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

weight issues

Everyone, okay not everyone, but lots of people have been highlighting me about my weight. If its about me losing more weight i dont think it would be a problem, but this is gaining more of it.

The thing is, its not something that i can control, as BS as it sounds, its true. I can no longer control the cravings i have, the food im eating. I used to be good at it. but i dont know.

People just dont understand. and a friend of mine called me a makcik just because i gained a few kgs and was wearing t-shirt and at that point in time was walking too, like a makcik - at least thats what he said.

And, I am now trying to avoid at all cost bumping or hanging out with him because I dont want any form of toxicity (is there such word?) in my life. I can be really affected about people commenting on my weight. Yeah, so what if i gained a few kgs. Can always lose it back but if i dont so leave it be. Its my fat u ***k face, didnt ask you to go comment on it. But hey its a free world aint it, people can always say what they want to say.

Please, what have u achieved so far? EXACTLY.

Point made, hey ho, lets go.

Monday, January 16, 2012


okay, i think i want to start and write again. i think. not that i'm a consistent blogger previously, but its worth a try.


see. i dont even know what to write. currently, as of now, im hating my job. i dont know why. but maybe i just dont feel remunerated or valued. thats normal, aint it?

oh and my e-day is coming up!


:) can't wait.